About the Artist

Kevin McGarry

I am a 57 year old Navy Veteran and artist and 10 year victim of childhood sexual abuse and rape. My art is my escape.  I have been doing photography for over 20 years and I took up painting in December of 2017 and have never had a lesson or instruction in art. Just picked up some paint and canvass and the rest, as they say, is history

What I do and Why

Living in the back woods of Maine we have 8 months out of the year that we can't do much outdoors so painting is a way to keep my mind fresh. I paint these Navy ships for shipmates that miss their time in the Navy and the ships they called home for so many years.  Some are donated and some are raffled off for Veteran Charities.  I also sell my paintings at a reasonable rate. Prints of any of them are available on request. Email me for pricing.

How to commission or buy a painting

You can email me or message me on FB.  My paintings sell for between 150 and 250 USD.

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